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SHE'S HERE!! SHE'S HERE!! [Aug. 15th, 2006|09:16 pm]


INTRODUCING THE NEWEST MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY.... Kailyn Ruth Ann. For those who know my children, she looks like Gabriel did and sounds like Allie used to!! She's precious!!!

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BORN: August 12, 2006
TIME: 3:37pm
PLACE: Memorial Herman The Woodlands Hospital
WEIGHT: 8lbs 6oz
LENGTH: 20in

I'll provide more pics in a few days, after getting settled.

As you can imagine I'm pretty much worn out! Haha I'm so tired and sore. I got an epadural this time around cause my labor was the longest it has ever been. 18hrs!! Ugghhh, Allie was 6hrs and Gabriel was like 4 and half! But I'll do a FULL update with all the details in my blog here and on Myspace for those who wanna read it go ahead.

If feels so good to be home!! I'm gonna go rest now I will ttyl!!