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Doctor's visit - Expecting Mom's for 2006 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Doctor's visit [Nov. 29th, 2006|12:13 pm]


[mood |blahblah]

I just got home from my doctors visit. My GBS test came back negative and the results from the ultrasound on my kidneys, are I have swelling on my right kidney which is part of the reason I have major back aches. Heat beat was great and so was blood pressure. Mikey’s head is down more but cervix is still CLOSED, which SUCKS! But good news is, if I have not had him by Saturday the 9th, then I will be having him. He wanted to induce this Saturday but his office is booked and likes to do it on Saturday’s so if Mikey is stubborn and doesn’t want to come out before the 9th, he will be out that day. Mike figures he will be out before that but I don’t think so. I have to go back on December 6th at 11:15am, which means I have to get early the day also. He gave me lots of information on “How do I know when I’m in labor), exercises and after the baby is born, things I can and can’t do and etc. Plus I got my flu shot while I was there, it didn’t even hurt. I told him who we wanted for Pediatrician. We talked about pain medicine and birth control, I think we are going with the one (it’s like the Norplant but it’s called something different) A small needle like thing gets inserted in your arm and is good for 3 years, it can be removing before that and you can get pregnant right afterwards if you want and if you are on it for at least 6 months, it can get rid of your period while you are on. I like that fact. So anyways that was my appt. I am happy that I know of an actual date but said because I want him here now.

Now I need to relax for a few minutes and then I have to go get my prescription filled for my kidney and pick up a gift for Mike and check on a birthday gift for my mom. Her birthday is December 24th. Oh and my nice called me today and said she is having a brother, so there will be my son born in December and Ang’s son born in April, they will be close in age and live 1 mile apart. Okay off I go for now. Hope everyone has a good day.